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The importance of servicing and maintenance

The Express Dock electronic equipment of a vessel is incredibly complex and consists of numerous small components and electrical circuits which function in synchronicity to ultimately keep the ship sailing. However, it is a normal occurrence for some of the pieces to cease functioning as originally intended due to flaws or failures. As such, it is of paramount importance to regularly perform upkeep in order to maintain marine electronics operational. In addition to other specific areas of expertise, such as installation & commissioning and repairs, Express Dock Instruments & Controls ensures your apparatus is safe to use and fully functional through routine checks done by our specialists. Along these lines, the risk of accidents related to the electronic equipment of your vessel is substantially minimized, your vessel is kept safe and compliant and your crew can carry on with their tasks stress and worry free.

The service and upkeep of marine electronics play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and safety of vessels at sea. These sophisticated systems, ranging from navigational instruments to communication devices, are crucial for accurate positioning, effective communication, and overall situational awareness. Regular service and maintenance procedures help identify and rectify any potential issues, minimizing the risk of equipment failure or malfunctions that could lead to accidents or disruptions in operations. By investing in the proper care and conservation of marine electronic equipment,reliability, efficiency, and longevity can be enhanced, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and success of maritime activities.

In addition to the broader importance, the service and maintenance of marine electronics offer specific benefits that further highlight their significance. Regular inspections and calibration ensure the accuracy of navigational instruments, critical for precise course plotting and avoiding hazards.

Ongoing software updates and firmware upgrades keep the systems up-to-date with the latest advancements and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, preventive maintenance helps detect potential issues before they escalate, reducing downtime and costly repairs. Proper servicing also extends the lifespan of electronic components, optimizing their performance and cost-effectiveness.

We will organize everything for you

Alongside the actual maintenance itself, it is also profoundly important to come up with a plan of action and organize a schedule, so as to optimize the routine of keeping electronics functional on your vessel. Additionally, most manufacturers recommend regular appointments to prevent issues and ensure optimal performance. Our team will work closely with your crew to arrange and set up an agenda which suits everyone’s timetable and thus benefits every party involved.

All in one package

Besides installation, calibration, commissioning and repairing, Express Dock Instruments & Controls completes the portfolio of services regarding marine electronics by offering upkeep and support. At your request, we conduct routine inspections of marine instruments to identify any signs of faults, wear, damage, or malfunction. Inspections typically cover all components, such as radars, AIS systems, GPS, autopilots, chart plotters, sonar systems, communication equipment, VHF range radios and other electronic devices onboard. Brands that our technicians are perfectly capable of servicing include Honeywell, Panasia, Rivertrace, Raymarine and Icom amongst others. As experts in marine electrical supply and engineering, we understand the critical role that electronics play in the navigation and safety of vessels. That’s why we offer comprehensive inspection and maintenance services to keep your systems in optimal condition.

Regular inspections

Our specialists will carry on to test individual components of the marine electronic systems, such as antennas, sensors, cables, and connectors. The main objective is to check for proper functionality, signal strength, and connectivity. Any faulty or degraded components will be repaired, replaced or serviced promptly to avoid system failures as per our client’s request. During checkups, our team might also ensure the marine electronic apparatus is up to date in terms of software and firmware. It often happens that updates are released to address bugs, enhance functionality or improve performance of certain products. As such, Express Dock will keep your instruments’ software up to date, correctly installed and compatible with other onboard systems.

We look at the bigger picture

At Express Dock Instruments & Controls, we take on a broader perspective and consider the marine environment’s harsh conditions when servicing and maintaining electronic systems. We ensure that all components are adequately protected against moisture, corrosion, vibration, and temperature extremes. Furthermore, we are able to provide trustworthy advice regarding the storage, cleaning, and protection of sensitive equipment. Ultimately, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and be deemed as a reliable service agent who can address your needs and pain points and come up with appropriate solutions.

About Express Dock Instruments & Controls

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