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Design your aluminum dock now and get an instant estimate with our Dock Builder, or give us a call to talk to a dock expert [email protected]


Our aluminum docks are designed to be assembled, installed, and seasonally removed easily. Or you can make it even easier and have it all done for you by one of our dealers.

Enjoy for life

With our aluminum frame and Thruflow decking, we can ensure that you have a maintenance free dock that will last for generations.

Premium Aluminum Dock Kits

Countless Configurations

Since 2006, ExpressDocks Inc. has produced the only formed aluminum complete bolt-together Dock Kit on the market. Each truss is formed from a single sheet of marine-grade aluminum, eliminating the need for welded joints, which often are weak points. Forming the aluminum sheet allows us to use less material, making the dock sections not only light and eco-friendly but also very strong. Assembling our Dock Kits is a breeze. Putting together a section requires common household tools and little time. An entire dock can be constructed and installed in one day.  


ExpressDock is easy to install and includes easy-to-follow, intuitive instructions. So whether you install ExpressDock by yourself, or have someone install it for you, you’ll be enjoying your new ExpressDock system in no time.


ExpressDock can be configured and reconfigured easily so it will adapt as your needs change. ExpressDock is perfectly suited to locations with deep, shallow, or fluctuating water conditions.


ExpressDock is so easy to own because it’s designed to be low-maintenance. No more painting and power washing your dock system. Simply inspect connections for tightness, and enjoy your time on the water.

Why ExpressDocks?

Easy to Assemble

Our clean and straightforward design ensures it is easy to build, giving you more time to spend enjoying your dock.


Incredibly easy to bring in and out of the water, yet strong enough to withstand the elements.

Maintenance Free

There's no time for worrying on the water. Enjoy this dock for generations.

Made in US

We proudly manufacture our dock kits and accessories in US.


We use less materials by forming our trusses out of aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials on the planet.

Always in Stock

Our dock kits are always in stock.

Maintenance free Complete Dock Kits Easy to Assemble


Our Testimonial

We’ve had our docks now for about five years and they are as good now as the day we bought them. Exceptionally well engineered, they’re solid once in the water, but light enough to be moved by two people at the start & end of our cottage season. We’ve added a few pieces over the years to make our dock a bit bigger and recently helped friends get their own ExpressDock installed — knowing that these really should last a lifetime. Very friendly staff and easy to coordinate pickup if you plan things in advance (understanding that during the spring and summer demand can be high so plan accordingly). Comes well packaged in boxes but that can be easily assembled and deployed in an afternoon.

Mike S. Quebec

I’m very impressed by the quality of the material, the fit, finish, engineering and overall finished product. The initials on the packing tape taking responsibility for the contents was great. I was going to put a boat lift along the side but after seeing how nice it was I decided to put the lift along my old dock so I would not block the view.

Bill F. Quebec

I love this dock. Brilliant design. No problems with ice and cold weather. Cindy with whom I spoke, was absolutely delightful and helpful. I could unload the delivery truck by myself. My son put it together for me. I did some. There are a lot of nuts and bolts. The instructions are clear with all parts well pictured and defined. I had to to call Cindy once after it had been shipped and she again was helpful. It was a perfect transaction. The dock is great. I couldn't be happier about it. The price is really a bargain when you know the cost and problems of building any other kind of dock . Ok... I hope this helps in making a decision. Thanks for the opportunity to review this product.

Patti N. N.E.Kansas USA

Our cottage life revolves around the dock. We can’t get enough dock space and have expanded twice already. Love your dock system ExpressDocks!

Hien H. Quebec

After a considerable amount of research and review of competitors’ products, we decided on Express Docks for the purchase of our cottage dock, and we couldn’t be more pleased! ... We ultimately decided on a floating dock system, and while it’s very sturdily constructed, it’s still lightweight enough for just two of us to haul in and out of the water every season... After two summers with our dock, we decided to purchase an additional 8x8’ section to use as a raft, which we anchored out from our main dock, and the two look great together. We are absolutely delighted with our ExpressDocks dock and raft, and highly recommend this company and their docking systems!

Michael B. Quebec

I just wanted to thank a quick second of your time to thank you for the amazing service and the quality of your product. I have to say that I was more than positively impressed at the rapidity at which the dock system was delivered. It is everything that we expected and so much more!!! You both made the acquisition process so easy and I am really grateful for all of your work!!! So far costumer satisfaction would rate at 5 stars!!! It was a pleasure dealing with you both of you and your companies!!!! Will send pictures when we are all set-up! Once again thank you very much!!!!

Hugues T. Quebec
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