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Jet Ski Dock System

 For over decade, Express Dock supplies high – quality floating dock systems that are fashionable, durable, cost-effective, and environment – friendly. As one of the leading floating dock systems suppliers in US, the company builds jet ski docks and jetty pontoons for scale that are available in two types  – the drive -on dock and the lift dock.

All of express dock products are customizable to meet client requirements. These include the color, shape, size, height, and any other specification the client may require.

Jet ski docks feature various benifits, including providing protection to jet skis and offering easy access  to the water. These docks are highly flexible and can be used for residential, commercial, and recreational purpose.

Jet Ski Dock in Express Dock

Single Float

The most popular type of floats to make up floating dock systems.

Long Quad Float

Most cost effective type to make water floating projects.

Double Float

Double element to make water floating projects.

Low single Float

Economical element to make water floating projects.

Low Double Float

Economical element to make water floating projects.

U Float

For bigger size boat slide.

U Float with roller

For bigger size boat slide, easier drive up and off.

Single Float - Curved type

Cruved side type float with more Buoyancy than normal single floats.

Jet Ski Dock in Express Dock

Double Floating Jet Ski Dock

Jet Ski Floating Docks

Jet Ski Dock Advantages

  • Protecting your jet ski

A jet ski dock helps you keep your personal watercraft in tip-top condition and prevents it from getting damaged by shellfish and other marine plants, which may happen to a personal watercraft left parked on the water.

  • Offering quick access to the water 

It saves you the trouble of trailering, it saves you the money of buying boat ramps, and what’s more, it ensures a smooth docking and launching experience, adds more fun to your  waterfront activities.

  • A great investment in the long run

It’s low-maintenance, and usually made from materials that can withstand years of use, which means getting a dock for jet ski may also help you save money and time over several years.

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