Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

ODME(Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment) is an essential monitoring system used in the maritime industry to monitor the discharge of oil and other pollutants into water. It is mandated by the international regulation MARPOL(International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), which requires all ships of a certain size to have ODME installed.

What is ODME?

Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment is a device used to measure and monitor the discharge of oily water from ships. Usually, the oil tankers have to take water from the sea for higher stability after they discharge the oil cargo at the destination port. Before the next loading, this water has to be discharged into the sea. In this scenario, ODME contributes to ensuring the oil discharge is within the admissible limits and preventing the pollution of water.

How does ODME Work?

ODME controls the discharge through two valves: slop and overboard. These valves have opposite positions: if one valve is open, the other valve is closed. They are never open or close together!

To measure the Instantons Rate of Discharge, we need three values(1) oil content in PPM, (2) flow rate in cub meter, and (3) speed in knots. The computing unit of ODME presents all these values in the cargo control room. If the instantaneous rate of discharge of oil content does not exceed 30 litres per nautical mile and the total quantity of oil discharged into the sea does not exceed 1/30,000 of the total quantity of the particular cargo of which the residue formed a part, then the overboard valve opens and allows the discharge of water. When the values are not within the admissible range, the overboard valve closes and the slop valve opens.

MARPOL Regulation (Annex 1) states that “oil tankers of 150 gross tonnages and above shall be equipped with an oil discharge monitoring and control system approved by the Administration”. The same chapter posits that “The system shall be fitted with a recording device to provide a continuous record of the discharge in litres per nautical mile and total quantity discharged, or the oil content and rate of discharge. This record shall be identifiable as to time and date and shall be kept for at least three years”.

Important Discharge Rules

  1. The tanker is not within a special area;
  2. The tanker is more than 50 nautical miles from the nearest land;
  3. The tanker is proceeding en route;
  4. The instantaneous rate of discharge of oil content does not exceed 30 litres per nautical mile;
  5. The total quantity of oil discharged into the sea must not exceed 1/30,000 of the total quantity of the particular cargo of which the residue formed a part; and
  6. The tanker has in operation an oil discharge monitoring and control system (ODMCS) and a slop tank arrangement.

Why ODME is Important

ODME is an essential element of a vessel’s (especially oil tankers) environmental management system. Regular maintenance and calibration are necessary to ensure that the system is accurate and reliable. Failure to comply with Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment regulations can result in heavy fines, detention of the ship, or even criminal prosecution. It is required for vessels to sail with an active ODME according to the IMO’s Marine Environments Protection Committee (MEPC).

The services Express Dock Instruments & Controls provides for ODME

Installation and Commissioning

Our technicians can install and commission your ODME to ensure it corresponds with the industry regulations and vessel specifications. We can install and commission different brands of Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems, such as Rivertrace. Express Dock expert team will ensure your system is operating optimally to confirm the accuracy of the readings.

Routine Maintenance and Inspections

It is essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections of your ODME system. Our team provides routine maintenance and inspection services to detect any problems that threaten the normal operation of the system, replace non-functional components (oil content meter, flow meter), and ensure the Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment is operating within the standards at every point in time. These actions contribute to reducing the malfunction of your discharge system and downtime while facilitating compliance with the latest regulations (e.g., resolution MEPC, MARPOL Annex 1). Express Dock Instruments & Controls technicians have the knowledge and skills to work on any ODME brands, integrating Rivertrace.

Calibration and Testing

To ensure the accurate measurement of your Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment system, Express Dock Instruments & Controls performs annual calibrations. Our certified technicians thoroughly test any brand of ODME to confirm its accuracy and alignment with regulatory norms.

Repairs and Upgrades

Our technicians can support you with the repairs and upgrades of your ODME. We can provide optimal and prompt solutions for any brand of Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, integrating Rivertrace. Our team uses genuine manufacturer parts and implements high-level practices to increase the lifetime of your system and ensure compliance with the applicable regulation.

Training and Support

Our team promotes knowledge development among the clients to operate and manage their Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems efficiently. We provide training sessions and ongoing support to ensure you have an understanding of the operation, risk mitigation, and essential actions for the ODME’s normal functioning according to the latest regulation. Our onboard vessel services increase the knowledge of your team and prevent the potential of any harmful discharge.

About Express Dock Instruments & Controls

Express Dock Instruments & Controls is your reliable partner to install, calibrate, certify, repair and maintain the following products:

  • Ullage Temperature Interface
  • Fixed gas detection
  • portable gas detection
  • Fire detection
  • Tank level monitoring
  • 15 ppm oily water separators
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

Our technicians are available in 150+ global ports 24/7 to ensure the safety and compliance of your vessels (oil tankers). Contact our team to book your service in your next port of call or fill in the form below for a quote.

Express Dock is also your partner for express dock and ballast water treatment services. Our team ensures thst your ballast unit operates optimally to reduce the spread of invasive species. The ballast water treatment system is a mandatory element onboard that facilitates the discharge of ballast water(fresh water, seawater) within the admissible norms to avoid damage to the marine environment.

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